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Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack: Definitely Worth It

One of the vital parts of a well-rounded fitness program is strength training. It should be a part of anyone’s fitness plans because it offers many benefits that are far from the rumored “only bulking up” advantage. Strength training prioritizes in slowing down bone and muscle loss that is commonly associated with aging. It is also a good exercise routine for weight loss purposes. It aids in fall prevention and better balance. In addition, it assists in lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes. It is also a favorable arthritis relief and helps improved cardiovascular health. Moreover, strength training is a brilliant tool to fight off depression. Strength training can be derived from calisthenics, free weights and equipment. One of the most fantastic and brilliant strength equipment is the Fitness Gear Pro Half Pack

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The Best Strength Training Equipment


The Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack is hands down the best strength equipment when it comes to completeness and reliability for its price. It comes with all the basics that are essential for optimum strength training. It is solid-built equipment that does not skimp on quality amidst its wallet-friendly price. The top feature of this product is its 28-levels adjustable, hard wearing, and multi-functional steel frame that can support up to 600 lbs. It is designed with manifold grip positions and spotter arms for a full strength training advantage. It is dependably stable because it has extra wide, projected feet and back up connector plates. Its fantastic add-on pull-up bar is a feature that is not usually seen in other half-racks but brings a delightful and useful function to trainers. Although there are no built-in Olympic plates, this Pro Half Rack features six horizontal posts for storing Olympic plates. It features high-quality steel construction with durable coat finish that is set to last some good lengthy times.

The Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack is solid and well-built. It is ideal for pull-ups, kip-style pull-ups, squats, dead-lifts, front-squats, core-swings, incline bench, decline bench, flat bench and barbell curls. It is also great for pulling exercises by latching a resistance band on top. Doing elevated sit-ups is also relatively easy without worrying about the rack tipping by locking the feet under the back horizontal bar.


When it comes to the design and construction, the Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack is professionally pleasing. The aesthetic visuals and ergonomic fabrication of this strength training equipment is match-made and will definitely enhance the look and efficiency of any home gym. It is also fairly easy to assemble. With the right tool, it can only take up a matter of thirty minutes assembly and will stand solid and stable on any home gym. Even though full rack has bursting advantages compared to half rack, this Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack is already a worthy investment for everyone with fitness goals. With its versatile but compact design, it takes up less space. This strength training equipment is one of the best buys in the market that offers great benefits without hurting your pocket too much.

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