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Top Squat Rack with Pull up Bar Products

In order to achieve fitness goals, people nowadays are keen into building up a home gym. Although, it might sound expensive enough to acquire all the equipment needed for a home gym, you can, of course, do better if you start with the most essential pieces of home gym equipment. One of the best and vital is the squat rack. However, there are many squat racks and choosing the best one might become a complex thing to decide. There are racks with added features and many levels of quality, design and sizes available. And if you opt to get the best one, consider squat rack with pull up bar for an intense workout advantage in a value of one equipment.

The Top Power Rack Products

Powerline PPR200X Power Rack


If you value the importance of safety at the same level with efficiency, then the Powerline PPR200X Power Rack  is the perfect one for you. It is a sturdy rack that features a 3D footprint of 44W x 46D x 28H which weighs about 137 pounds and can hold up to 700 pounds weight capacity. It might be smaller and more compact compared with other power racks but is allows the trainer a full range of motion to perform numerous kinds of exercises and with the luxury of taking up just a little space in your quarters. Its walk-in design and extensive side room allow large variety of height accommodation and free movement during the entire workout. It is very ideal for squats because it is strongly built and will not tip over. Not only does it serves users well on squat purposes but also is suitable for barbell shrugs, rows, military presses, and decline, incline and flat bench presses. Moreover, its top feature of sturdy and versatile pull-up bar will definitely provide you with the best results.

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Valor Athletics Inc. BD – 7 Power Rack with Lat Pull


Another amazing home gym equipment that ensures safety more than anything else is the Valor Athletics Inc. BD – 7 Power Rack with Lat Pull. It can be used in performing various exercises such as military and bench presses and squats. It is constructed on 2×2 inches 12-gauge steel that measures 44W x 53D x 86H and is both firm and stable. It features 4 plate storage pegs that are designed to accommodate up to two inches plates easily. This squat rack comes with a flexible lat pull accessory which provides more exercise varieties such as lat pull down, triceps pull and standing and seated row. The finest features of this power rack are the safety catch bars and lap bars that secure and protect the user from any unfathomable accidents while doing their workout thing.

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The Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage


The Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage is probably one of the best power racks that are ideal for home gym. It is one of the most affordable and durable yet lightweight and easy-to assemble products in the market. It features chrome plated safety pins with lock on design, detachable J-hooks, ample room space and flexible twenty-eight dissimilar positions that allow user to obtain a great workout session with comfort and safety.

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