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The Magnificent Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps

Do you want to be in perfect shape? Would you like to enjoy wrist wraps that make your wrist stable and lessens arm muscle fatigue? You will have your wrists stabilized and your arm muscle fatigue reduced when you use this magnificent weight lifting wrist wraps.

Wrist Wraps (18″, Professional Quality) by Evolutionize: Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting Wrist Supports for Weight Training


This   durable wrist wraps is made of superior quality nylon material .It is proved to function in very extreme situations. Its length is exactly 18″.It can adjust to tightness and gives extra support when needed. This appropriate length makes it easy and quick to wrap it around your wrist.


  • Boasts of a branded, long lasting and flexible material.
  • You can immobilize your wrist easily.
  • It allows movement in the wrist joint without any restrictions.
  • Allows free flow of blood.
  • Is not overly stretchy or soft.
  • Long lasting, non-fraying thumb loop that does not snap.
  • The double –stitched zigzag Velcro prevents it from tearing from the stretchy material.
  • 5 star warranty.

This elegant wrist wrap minimizes the risk of arm, hand and wrist injury and preserves strength for a longer period. It makes your wrists stable and lowers arm’s muscle fatigue. You will enjoy its stylish Neoprene padded straps, and its trendy thumb loop that gives additional comfort making wrapping easy. Get these superior quality wrist wraps that improves your arm workout performance and protects your wrist against harm.

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Ipow Adjustable 18.5″ Weight Lifting Training Wrist Straps Support Braces Wraps Belt Protector for Weightlifting Powerlifting Bodybuilding – For Women and Men, set of 2


This wrist wrap is made of a very elastic polyester material that prevents the cut off of air circulation by its cozier and loose fit. It has a strong permeability and has a flexible size that is fit for powerlifting, CrossFit, training, pushups, weight lifting and gym.

  • It is 18.5 inch long and 3 inch wide
  • It comes in pairs with a thumb loop to provide support and security
  • Comes with a warrant of 1 year from Ipow
  • It minimizes the risk of arm, hand and wrist injury and preserves strength for a longer period.
  • The Neoprene padded straps add more comfort
    The thumb loop is wide and is comfortable and easy to wrap
  • It stabilizes and supports your wrists and reduces wrist injury as you do your best push.
  • Provide great wrist support when lifting

These smart looking wrist wraps stabilize your wrists and reduce muscle fatigue in your arms, maintaining perfect form. These fashionable wrist wraps are made of a comfortable, high quality, durable material that helps in heavier and safer lifting.

The Velcro works great with skinny wrists. If your wrists are weak and get injured easily and are looking for great quality wraps to do particular workouts, these trendy wrist wraps are the best bet.

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Contraband Black Label 1001 Wrist Wraps in Light/Medium/Heavy/EXTREME Strength


It comes in three different materials.

  • The light material is made of an elegant and extremely stretchable substance that supports your wrist during light and medium weightlifting.
  • The medium supports weightlifting of 50-300 lbs. It has a stronger, less stretch material than the light.
  • Strong is made of more stronger and less stretchable material that is meant to support training of weights of 75-500 lbs.

These elegant wrist wraps are made of quality cotton material with superior Velcro.

The wrist wraps fit the bodybuilder, the athlete and the strength trainer. It has an extra wide thumb loop that resists tear and wear and prevents breakage. This is an excellent choice for your daily training and powerlifting or any sport which involves wrist support.

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